Somatic Obsessions (exclusive content)

How To Apply Exposure Response Prevention

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This document focuses on exposure-response prevention (ERP) for somatic obsessions. It includes regular homework checks to reinforce the learning objectives. The educational material has eight parts that begin with understanding overt and covert rituals, bodily obsessions, and how to create a hierarchy of fears. Also, monitoring anxiety when doing ERP, changing faulty beliefs, tips and much more. This 28-page document is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about ERP for bodily sensations either for themselves or someone else. 

The author, Carol Edwards, is a former CBT therapist turned writer for obsessive-compulsive disorder and related issues. 

The contents of the course include the following.

  1. Somatic Obsessions and Preparing for Therapy
  2. Listing Fears
  3. The Delay Method
  4. A Hierarchy Example
  5. The OCD Daily Record Sheet
  6. Rating Situational Triggers with Subject Units of Distress (SUDS)
  7. Cognitive and Behavioural Change
  8. A List of Exposure Goals for Body-Focused Obsessions

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