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Why I Write Publicly About OCD

Several years ago, I became a therapist and specialised in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Before then, I had recovered from OCD. Since several members of my family had also developed OCD, I could now help them recover.

Later, I left my therapist role and became a full-time carer, writer, advocate and adviser for OCD.

And so, I recognise unwanted thoughts in others and feel their anxiety. I understand the urges to do compulsions to get rid of the thoughts and reduce distress. And I know how relief is momentary, how intrusions and urges to counter them keep coming back.

I see how having OCD is frightening, lonely and depressing and understand how it affects friends and families. I identify how it causes guilt when you feel pushed to get better when treatment isn’t available or not working. And I also realise how frustrating it is when some relatives and friends don’t understand OCD; or why it’s kept secret to prevent conflict with others. But, on the other hand, I acknowledge how others can be supportive but feel stuck, not knowing how best to help their loved one or friend.


I want you to know that I have been in remission from OCD since 2012. For many years, I struggled with pure-intrusive thoughts and contamination fears. In addition, I battled health anxiety, learned to live with staring OCD, Misophonia, dissociation and PTSD.

I’d love for you to see that you can reach remission and better health from related conditions. And I’d love for you to believe you can be happy and confident again.

My Goal

My goal is to share information about OCD and related issues through my blogs and educational documents. I hope you (my readers) will connect with me and my insights. I want to help you see intrusive thoughts with a new perspective and so I look forward to sharing fresh concepts and evidence-based theories with you.

While I’ve been writing for several years, OCD Writer is a fairly new venture, and I’m looking forward to sharing my blogs with you and growing an OCD community. I’d love for you to read, add comments, ask questions, click the like button and share with others!


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