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How To Manage Dissociation (exclusive content)

Includes Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder On and Off the Autism Spectrum Carol Edwards’ six-part tutorial discusses dissociative states, such as depersonalisation and derealisation. It also talks about dissociation unique to OCD (a defence mechanism) when faced with obsessions. It includes modified cognitive behavioural strategies for people on the autism spectrum. It is an informative document and is suitable…

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Surviving Depression (exclusive content)

How To Spot The Early Warning Systems Welcome to this brief yet informative tutorial that discusses the importance of spotting “Early Warning Systems”. These systems are the factors that can help clinically depressed patients evaluate why their moods are low, then monitor and manage their symptoms. It talks about other issues that might worsen depression—for…

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Address Staring OCD: Look Inside

Staring OCD is a term to describe looking at people “inappropriately”. Carol Edwards is one of those people and has now recovered by ninety per cent. So, her goal is to raise awareness of this hidden variation of OCD, also referred to as Visual Tourettic OCD. She knows many people who struggle with it, most…

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