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Want To Know a Helpful Way of Thinking About Intrusive Thoughts?

First, an obsession is like an imaginary self that can do the feared thing. So, of course, it does it in the imagination. But as expected, the source (OCD) has no objective reality. However, it makes you distrust your authentic self as though you can do the feared something. Therefore, you worry when your therapist says let’s…

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Somatic Obsessions: How To Apply Exposure Response Prevention (Exclusive Content)

This 28-page document focuses on exposure-response prevention (ERP) for somatic obsessions.  The educational material has eight parts that begin with understanding overt and covert rituals, bodily obsessions, and how to create a hierarchy of fears. Also, monitoring anxiety when doing ERP, changing faulty beliefs, tips and much more. It is a must for anyone who wants…

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