Somatic Obsessions: How To Apply Exposure Response Prevention (Exclusive Content)

This 28-page document focuses on exposure-response prevention (ERP) for somatic obsessions.  The educational material has eight parts that begin with understanding overt and covert rituals, bodily obsessions, and how to create a hierarchy of fears. Also, monitoring anxiety when doing ERP, changing faulty beliefs, tips and much more. It is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about ERP for bodily sensations either for themselves or someone else. Each part comes with a homework checklist to reinforce the learning objectives.

Part 1. Somatic Obsessions And Preparing For Exposure-Response Prevention

Part 2. Listing Fears

Part 3. The Delay Method

Part 4. A Hierarchy Example

Part 5: The OCD Daily Record Sheet

Part 6. Rating Situational Triggers With Subject Units Of Distress

Part 7: Cognitive and Behavioural Change

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